Bringing non-damaging lasers to forefront of retinal therapies

Personalization of retinal heating is the key for efficacy and safety 

Precision therapy

Non-Contact Solution

Enhanced Safety

The science behind the solution

  • A preclinical study validates the treatment mechanism and feasibility

    The paper discusses a new heat treatment for the retina that uses a special method, based on the bioelectrical response […]

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  • Dissertation sheds light on the effects of hormetic heat on AMD

    Explore the Frontier of AMD Treatment Research: Mooud Amirkavei’s dissertation at Aalto University School of Science, defended on 2023-05-26, offers […]

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  • A study describes the basis of retinal temperature monitoring for clinical use

    This study introduces a new method for monitoring and controlling the temperature of the retina during laser treatments, using a […]

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